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Have you heard the Goss?

Last night, Buck Whaley’s of Leeson Street was the venue of choice to host Goss.ie‘s first birthday celebrations – and it was done in style.

IMG_3998Goss.ie is Ireland’s first website for the latest news from the world of Irish showbiz. Set up in 2014 by entrepreneur and award-winning journalist Alexandra Ryan, Goss.ie now has a dedicated reader-ship and an expanding team working hard behind the scenes. The mainly female-friendly pop website also caters for the latest news in movies, music, television, and last night Ali revealed two new sections to be added: Goss beauty – for the latest reviews and how-to’s, and Goss TV – a 60 second mash- up on the latest breaking news that you need to know.

In Goss.ie fashion, pink cocktails and gorgeous treats (set up by Sugar & Spice ) were provided for the guests; who included models and athlete Kelly Donegan and Hazel O’Sullivan, Mr Ireland Karl Bowe, social media guru’s Ciamh McCrory and Darragh Doyle and bloggers Nirina Plunkett of Killer Fashion, Mei-Ling Tong of Darling Buds of Mei, and Lorna Duffy of Fashion Boss. My favourite part of the night was definitely the photo-booth with these gorgeous bunch. The party was kindly sponsored by Cocoa Brown tan, who had everyone glowing (or maybe it was the strawberry daiquiri’s, who knows).



Some of the tasty treats provided by Sugar & Spice

Some of the tasty treats provided by Sugar & Spice

Huge congratulations to Ali and her team – Lisa, Sean, Sorcha, and Meghan on all their hard work, here’s to many more birthdays for Goss.ie!

Last night I wore floral silk tailored shorts from H&M- €20, a white cotton lazer-cut top from Topshop- €25, vintage leather belt from NineCrowStreet– €30, Leather bag from Zara sale- €10, and sandals from the Topshop sale- €30. I teamed this with simple makeup and a vibrant lip colour from Penny’s.

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Out with the old, and in with the NIKE

Athlete’s foot; not something one associates with Vogue or Elle.

Wearing your finest peep-toe disco-dazzling platform with your tailored Ralph Lauren pant is suddenly the ‘un-cool’ thing to do. You know those ‘typical office girls’ you see on your morning commute? The knee-length and dreary poly-blend grey skirt and frill chiffon top combo, teamed with the finest Asics runners? (And god-forbid all of the above AND black tights in winter. I’m all for convenience but that just takes it.) Unannounced to those ladies- they are trend setters.

Forget buying runners for your morning jog; they will look admirable teamed with any office-orientated attire. The need for good chiropody becomes the want to look trendy and cool. But hey, I am not complaining.
Designers such as Riccardo Tisci, the artistic director of GIVENCHY, has recently released his collaboration with sports giants NIKE, which blends high end artistic fashion with, “I’m just going to fetch my racket, Winsor, dear”.

Just last night, Super model Joan Smalls posted a snap on Instagram of the latest Nikes GIVENCHY had sent her over – free of charge too, obviously.

Nike are not the only brand who are preferring over-sized tulle skirts instead of yoga pants. Adidas have recently done the dirt with Topshop to design fabulously bright, fun, summer runners; which are not too harsh on the pocket either. Mary Katrantzou, who is known for her eye popping prints, is also set to design a line for Adidas. As a runner lover myself, I am pretty excited about this one. speaking of ‘runners’; perhaps it is time to christen them with a new name? Ladies do not run- we gracefully glide.

Adidas X Topshop

Adidas X Topshop

Fashion faux pas are becoming universally accepted. Next time you can’t find your Jimmy Choos for a night out? Just reach for your gym bag and grab some sneakers, nobody will notice the difference.


Love, Cultured Cuppa


Look, but dont touch

After a four year break, Kate Moss returns to Topshop with her latest collection. But was it to be as compelling and show-stopping as people are hyping about?

Kate Moss: those unforgivingly high, and cut-off infamous cheek bones. Her launch in 2007 was deemed as, “the most sought-after high street collection in history”. Indeed Kate is the epitome of fashion hierarchy, but was another celebrity collaboration with sir Phillip Green needed again? I have to say I much prefer her original collection which dappled together a perfect blend of shiny-neon, with bold vertical and horizontal prints.
Officially launched online last night, Kate’s (we’re on first name basis, it’s cool) collection received such tremendous feedback that they had to raise garment prices globally. This meant that your cream and delicately stitched Kaftan, that was 98 euros, now became 114 euros- not much difference out of your pocket, but a massive escalation in Kate’s already bottomless pockets.

Tasselled, beaded, backless, show-stoppers. All words which described the new collection, but sadly there are few pieces which truly caught my attention. Her collection in itself is exquisite- but for a different market. Irish girls will not be going around dressed as uber-cool boho inspired beauties any time soon. Not unless Irelands climate rises by 5 degrees first, at least. Her soft and delicate kimono’s, although beautifully patterned and shaped, just do not suit our poor skin tones and for the quantity of material used (I know, quality, not quantity), I can’t justify paying one hundred-and-odd euro’s for one.

I was disappointed by Topshop’s flagship stores’ range of products. I was expecting heavily sequenced and dazzling dresses. And if the pieces were available, they were not allowed be taken out of the plastic protective over-lay for fear of damage. Not very functional. In saying that, the cowboy-brown suede frilled jacket made me fan-girl a little. As well as being aesthetically perfect, it fitted heavenly. Maybe one day.
So unless you’re willing to spend a couple of hundred this year to look ‘festival chic’ for Body and Soul, Kate and her collection will be hitting the back-burner. Give it a couple of months and Penny’s will have the finest rip-offs you can get your hands on.