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Have you heard the Goss?

Last night, Buck Whaley’s of Leeson Street was the venue of choice to host Goss.ie‘s first birthday celebrations – and it was done in style.

IMG_3998Goss.ie is Ireland’s first website for the latest news from the world of Irish showbiz. Set up in 2014 by entrepreneur and award-winning journalist Alexandra Ryan, Goss.ie now has a dedicated reader-ship and an expanding team working hard behind the scenes. The mainly female-friendly pop website also caters for the latest news in movies, music, television, and last night Ali revealed two new sections to be added: Goss beauty – for the latest reviews and how-to’s, and Goss TV – a 60 second mash- up on the latest breaking news that you need to know.

In Goss.ie fashion, pink cocktails and gorgeous treats (set up by Sugar & Spice ) were provided for the guests; who included models and athlete Kelly Donegan and Hazel O’Sullivan, Mr Ireland Karl Bowe, social media guru’s Ciamh McCrory and Darragh Doyle and bloggers Nirina Plunkett of Killer Fashion, Mei-Ling Tong of Darling Buds of Mei, and Lorna Duffy of Fashion Boss. My favourite part of the night was definitely the photo-booth with these gorgeous bunch. The party was kindly sponsored by Cocoa Brown tan, who had everyone glowing (or maybe it was the strawberry daiquiri’s, who knows).



Some of the tasty treats provided by Sugar & Spice

Some of the tasty treats provided by Sugar & Spice

Huge congratulations to Ali and her team – Lisa, Sean, Sorcha, and Meghan on all their hard work, here’s to many more birthdays for Goss.ie!

Last night I wore floral silk tailored shorts from H&M- €20, a white cotton lazer-cut top from Topshop- €25, vintage leather belt from NineCrowStreet– €30, Leather bag from Zara sale- €10, and sandals from the Topshop sale- €30. I teamed this with simple makeup and a vibrant lip colour from Penny’s.

FullSizeRender (2)




Irish Blogger Conference 2015

Not my usual post- but this week I had the pleasure of attending the second annual Irish Blogger Conference, which was held in the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel in Dublin City. The day was an excellent opportunity to network and meet other like-minded people.

What was it all about? Organized by Fiona Reid and Emma O’Farrell of Cool Events, the conference brought together some of the best industry bloggers to share their knowledge, wisdom, and their stories of success. Speakers included Alison Canavan – model and blogger of Alison Canavan, Barbara Scully – broadcaster, journalist and writer from My kitchen Table, Darragh Doyle – social media extraordinaire and funny-man, Sonya Lennon – from Frock Advisor and Lennon Courtney, and Timi Ogunyemi of Picture This! Dublin and all-round cool guy, among many others. Comedian and DJ Marcus O’Laoire hosted the event; giving the whole day a laid-back and relaxing atmosphere. Each speaker was given fifteen minutes to have their say on why you should or shouldn’t blog, and there was a coherent message throughout each person: you need to have a passion for what youre doing, a purpose, a set of unique skills, do what makes you happy, and collaborate.

(If you haven’t heard about any of these amazing human beings check them out)


The Lovely Nirina Plunkett of Killer Fashion

The Lovely Nirina Plunkett of Killer Fashion


As well as influential speakers there was also a fashion and beauty panel which consisted of David Cashman from Dapper Dave Cash, Holly White from holly.ie, James Butler of Jus De James and editor of MFI magazine, Joanne Larby of The Make Up Fairy, and Nuala Gorham of Pennys and Polaroids.

The event was partnered with TeenLine Ireland; a free-phone service available for teenagers who need help. Through the amazing power of social media, all those attending at the conference got #TeenLine trending in Ireland for the first time in its history. A record number of calls went un-answered last year to many suffering teenagers due to government cut-backs. If you would like to find out how you can help keep this amazing charity working, visit teenline.ie

In a weird turn of events, I won best dressed lady and Damian Broderick of Damien Broderick won best dressed man. We both won an annual roaming membership in any FlyFit gym! I wore a crisp white shirt and Chloe-inspired sandals, both €20 from Zara, Leather trousers from Topshop and a vintage leather bag – quite simple! When in doubt, wear black. I could get used to this fashion stuff.



Love. Create. Enjoy

To me, creativity and love are the key components to the wheel that keeps Dublin turning. To love what you do and turn it into something creative is even more special.

You may recognise this guy for his savvy street-style or boisterous hair-and-beard combo. This weekend, hair-dresser Aaron Kiely will debut his first pop-up creative in the Bernard Shaw. ‘Out of the Box Kuts’ is the first of its kind in Dublin, and strips back the authentic idea of the ‘barber shop’.

The idea came about when Aaron- an award-winning hairdresser from Dylan Bradshaw – noticed a rise in the amount of pop-ups around the city; particularly with food and fashion. But there was yet to be a salon pop-up dedicated only to hair, even though there is a big market for it here. In a not-so-ordinary fashion, Aaron would meet his clients in urban locations around Dublin equipped with only his scissors. From there came the concept of a ‘mobile salon’; the first of which will be held this Sunday April 26th in The Bernard Shaw at 4pm.

“I want to create somewhere that people can come and hangout, listen to good music, have a beer, and get the best haircut they’ve ever had”.

What makes Out of the box Kuts different to competitor salons? Other than the rawness of the salon, clients are sure to be drawn in to his unique set-up which includes a 70’s style antique barber chair and retro mirror-infused suitcase.

“My set-up is pretty cool. I bought a suitcase in an antique shop and installed the mirror. There’s even space in for your beer and books. The idea of the project isn’t about making money, it’s about the skill and art of hairdressing. I don’t want to be charging big money – I’m in this for the love of cutting hair”.

Aaron is already hopeful about the success of his pop-up and has big plans for his creative. He also encourages us to be more adventurous with our ‘do’s’

“My aim is to spread Out of the Box Kuts across Dublin city to other cool locations and to eventually have other hairdressers working on the project with me. The majority of young girls have long hair at the moment which I find boring. I want to start a trend where people (especially girls) aren’t afraid of being more audacious. I think the pop-up will help that”

Out of the Box Kuts kicks off at 4pm tomorrow, followed by beer and dancin’ till late.

Price for gents €10 // price for ladies € 20

Follow Aarons journey on Instagram and Facebook @outoftheboxcuts // AaronKiely


Recovery 3.0

I know self-praise is no praise, but I feel I have deserved a tremendous pat on the back for passing the 6 month mark since my last operation. The manner in which millions of damaged cells, nerves, and muscle fibres are able to regain vitality after such brutal tearing, pulling and cutting is truly fascinating; the human body is an otherworldly entity.

Only now is my body able to catch up with my mind and allow the realisation to set in; I’m a mentally abled 21 year old who cannot bend forward, backwards, left, or right, who cannot run or jump or partake in anything strenuous really. You cannot imagine the constant disgruntlement I have towards my situation; and yet it is nothing compared to the billions of children who are riddle with HIV, who have lost limbs after accidentally stepping onto a mine field, or who struggle to achieve basic human rights. But I cannot fairly compare myself to these children because we live worlds-apart. We are lucky enough to have an adapting society that caters for the harsh injustices in the world, and a relatively safe one.

Since entering my adult life it has becoming increasingly difficult to cope with having a “disability”; a difficulty which has been heightened drastically since I have been left unable to work since January 2014. I use the term “disability” lightly; I have accepted that I am a disabled person but the Irish state has failed to see this and has neglected my plea for help. After emailing a certain Labour councillor twice with no response, I decided to call him. My first call was rejected and the second went to voicemail. This was over three weeks ago, I have heard nothing yet. I am only one of thousands of children and adults that don’t receive the appropriate support and help for illness or disability. Where is the justice?

On a brighter note, Pilates has proved a good remedy to regain some flexibility; I can’t do certain poses and flexes but the one’s that I can do seem to be working well! My time now is mostly spent managing pain and trying to get on with college life. I am still trying to gain weight- I haven’t gained any since the operation and the large pins in my hips are starting to protrude through my skin; not very comfortable as you can imagine and its painful sitting on hard chairs or anything stiff.

I’m keeping as positive as I can though, and have been in touch with Scoliosis Ireland who are helping other people like me get the help they need. Don’t ever let a disability or illness define who you are or what you can do. Mind over matter always.


Cultured Cuppa

Two ‘crumbs up’ from me!

Move over Marks and Spencer’s cookies; there’s a new kid on the block
You know that warm and fuzzy feeling you get eating a delicious M&S cookie? Well imagine that, only better, AND Irish(hooray Irish produce). On my travels over the weekend I came across The Dublin Cookie Co– the creation of Jenny Synnott and Jason Giles.

After meeting in college, Jenny collaborated her love for cookies with Jason’s love for the freshest fruit around; His juicy German cranberries make a perfect combo with her creamy white chocolate chip cookie dough.
As a healthy eater myself I am pretty conscious of my over-indulgent sweet tooth; but The Dublin Cookie Co. provide a healthy and delicious alternative to regular over-the-counter biscuits or cookies, and use fresh and tasty ingredients.

My favourite was definitely their sea-salted caramel and toasted pecan cookies; a perfect sweet and healthy snack for an afternoon cuppa tae! They also offer classic dark chocolate chip and creamy white chocolate and fresh cranberries.

I picked up a lovely packet of 6 mixed cookies for a fiver which stayed fresh for two days.

The Cookie duo want to expand their tasty treats from the lovely surroundings of The Grand Social market, into national supermarkets. If you want to get your hands on a packet you can catch them at the Grand Social Saturday market or by contacting The Dublin Cookie Co. on Facebook or you can email Jason at gfruit@gmail.com or Jenny at Jennysynnott@yahoo.ie

Love, Cultured Cuppa

Look, but dont touch

After a four year break, Kate Moss returns to Topshop with her latest collection. But was it to be as compelling and show-stopping as people are hyping about?

Kate Moss: those unforgivingly high, and cut-off infamous cheek bones. Her launch in 2007 was deemed as, “the most sought-after high street collection in history”. Indeed Kate is the epitome of fashion hierarchy, but was another celebrity collaboration with sir Phillip Green needed again? I have to say I much prefer her original collection which dappled together a perfect blend of shiny-neon, with bold vertical and horizontal prints.
Officially launched online last night, Kate’s (we’re on first name basis, it’s cool) collection received such tremendous feedback that they had to raise garment prices globally. This meant that your cream and delicately stitched Kaftan, that was 98 euros, now became 114 euros- not much difference out of your pocket, but a massive escalation in Kate’s already bottomless pockets.

Tasselled, beaded, backless, show-stoppers. All words which described the new collection, but sadly there are few pieces which truly caught my attention. Her collection in itself is exquisite- but for a different market. Irish girls will not be going around dressed as uber-cool boho inspired beauties any time soon. Not unless Irelands climate rises by 5 degrees first, at least. Her soft and delicate kimono’s, although beautifully patterned and shaped, just do not suit our poor skin tones and for the quantity of material used (I know, quality, not quantity), I can’t justify paying one hundred-and-odd euro’s for one.

I was disappointed by Topshop’s flagship stores’ range of products. I was expecting heavily sequenced and dazzling dresses. And if the pieces were available, they were not allowed be taken out of the plastic protective over-lay for fear of damage. Not very functional. In saying that, the cowboy-brown suede frilled jacket made me fan-girl a little. As well as being aesthetically perfect, it fitted heavenly. Maybe one day.
So unless you’re willing to spend a couple of hundred this year to look ‘festival chic’ for Body and Soul, Kate and her collection will be hitting the back-burner. Give it a couple of months and Penny’s will have the finest rip-offs you can get your hands on.