Generation Summer

To the team at Generator,

 My name is Niamh and I’m a 21 year old journalism student from Dublin. You might be wondering how I’m going to grab your attention: I’m not a skydiver, an Olympic gymnast or even good at singing (except in the shower). But I have acquired a set of important skills which I think will benefit me more than other contestants: I can write.

Grand, okay, she can write; so what? Well the competition is all about engaging the person who wins with the huge audience that the Generator brand has acquired since its success. My writing experience has awarded me with online publications with Irelands largest media organizations ( and, as well as being nominated for best personal blog of the year for my own blog. I’m confident in my ability to tell a story efficiently and with humour and entertainment.

I’m an editor. I managed a team of 30 other journalists on a national project to educate children in disadvantaged areas of Dublin City. Through this role I had to ensure that grammar and spellings were absolutely right: i.e. I know the difference between ‘their’, ‘there’, and ‘they’re’. I also successfully edited articles for Huffington Post in 2014 while working as a member of the Official ‘One Young World’ media team.

I’m a photographer. In my free time I write for a successful award-winning Irish Blog (PictureThisDublin). We are all about engaging with our growing audience and we do this through written blog posts, hosting events, and beautiful photography. We love our city and we show you how you can love it too. I recently bought my first Canon camera and I’m quickly learning the best ways to maximize my photography skills.


FullSizeRender (1)


I’m a videographer. I’m confident with a camera and don’t mind the sound of my own voice (or seeing myself). Editing is something I really enjoy and I’ve thought myself how to use Premier Pro/ iMovie to edit my own personal videos.

I’m not afraid. Going to festivals can be daunting- especially alone. Last summer I travelled around the west coast of America alone, where I met some of the most amazing people and had the most incredible experiences. My friends and colleagues would describe me as outgoing with a bubbly personality. I think I would be a really great  candidate for this project and would represent The Generator brand  in an interesting and professional way.

Follow my journey at @CulturedCuppa


Love. Create. Enjoy

To me, creativity and love are the key components to the wheel that keeps Dublin turning. To love what you do and turn it into something creative is even more special.

You may recognise this guy for his savvy street-style or boisterous hair-and-beard combo. This weekend, hair-dresser Aaron Kiely will debut his first pop-up creative in the Bernard Shaw. ‘Out of the Box Kuts’ is the first of its kind in Dublin, and strips back the authentic idea of the ‘barber shop’.

The idea came about when Aaron- an award-winning hairdresser from Dylan Bradshaw – noticed a rise in the amount of pop-ups around the city; particularly with food and fashion. But there was yet to be a salon pop-up dedicated only to hair, even though there is a big market for it here. In a not-so-ordinary fashion, Aaron would meet his clients in urban locations around Dublin equipped with only his scissors. From there came the concept of a ‘mobile salon’; the first of which will be held this Sunday April 26th in The Bernard Shaw at 4pm.

“I want to create somewhere that people can come and hangout, listen to good music, have a beer, and get the best haircut they’ve ever had”.

What makes Out of the box Kuts different to competitor salons? Other than the rawness of the salon, clients are sure to be drawn in to his unique set-up which includes a 70’s style antique barber chair and retro mirror-infused suitcase.

“My set-up is pretty cool. I bought a suitcase in an antique shop and installed the mirror. There’s even space in for your beer and books. The idea of the project isn’t about making money, it’s about the skill and art of hairdressing. I don’t want to be charging big money – I’m in this for the love of cutting hair”.

Aaron is already hopeful about the success of his pop-up and has big plans for his creative. He also encourages us to be more adventurous with our ‘do’s’

“My aim is to spread Out of the Box Kuts across Dublin city to other cool locations and to eventually have other hairdressers working on the project with me. The majority of young girls have long hair at the moment which I find boring. I want to start a trend where people (especially girls) aren’t afraid of being more audacious. I think the pop-up will help that”

Out of the Box Kuts kicks off at 4pm tomorrow, followed by beer and dancin’ till late.

Price for gents €10 // price for ladies € 20

Follow Aarons journey on Instagram and Facebook @outoftheboxcuts // AaronKiely


Bionic womam: my twist on life *part 1*

So last night I uploaded my very first video about my journey with Scoliosis and my surgeries and that. I don’t have access to editing equipment until Monday so I’ll make it up in the next installment where I’ll show you all my iMovie/Premier Pro mad skillz.


CulturedCuppa X MyLeisure

Let’s create a scenario; you have a few hours of down-time and want to watch a film, but don’t know what to watch. Perhaps you want to discover a new author or musician- but you draw a blank.Your obligatory Facebook status asking for recommendations is mundane and gets no response. Well guess what? There’s an app for that.

MyLeisure App, provides instant recommendations for Books, TV shows, Movies and more based on the user’s personal taste and what’s trending in their social circle.

How does it work?

Think ‘Tinder’; only for your free time. You swipe right for the things like, and left for the things you don’t- simple. According to Karen Mesoznik, Content & Social Marketing Manager at MyLeisure, the secret ingredient is your unique leisure ID which is created for you when you log in via Facebook. Your unique ID is created based on your personal preferences and your friends’ recommendations. The more you use the app, the better it will get to know you and your preferences, and will constantly generate new options based on the things you like!

Leisure ID fingerPrint Discover_edited

Like what you see? Click on the ‘i’ icon to learn more about the film/book, add it to your favourites to watch/read later, or instantly download or buy via iTunes and Amazon. Found something that your friends might like? Share it through Facebook messenger for them to see and discover. What I like about the app is that it doesn’t post to Facebook; so nobody will judge you for watching The Rugrats movie- they’ll just see you recommended it 😉

MyLeisure app is now available on iTunes, click here to download it for free!




The relaxed rooms of Drury buildings played host to yesterday morning’s #YourPerfectMatch event in association with Bayer.

Strategically planned for Valentine’s Day, the disco-brunch celebrated all the things that we have broken up with this year; whether it is breaking up with a bad haircut, having bad sex, or the pair of overly-worn jeans with the arse falling out.

Hosted by the fabulous Darren Kennedy, guests were treated to a morning of fashion, pampering and relaxation with two in-house masseuse, groovy tunes from DJ Nialler9, and the most glamorous nail squad around; Tropical Popical.

Trish Murphy- one of the country’s best sexual intimacy therapists and Dr Sinead Beirne- resident doctor on Ireland AM and ‘Doctor in the house’, were on hand to offer advice on how to perk up a sour relationship, and the best and worst methods of contraception (some of which really surprised me!).

yourperfect match

Whether youre in relationship or not, there is often a lot of unnecessary pressure associated with Valentine’s Day, and that we often forget the importance of self-love. So instead of feeling undeserving and lonely, break up with those negative vibes and start enjoying yourself!


Dating; Italian style

I have always been drawn to Italian cuisine; but it can be hard to find an eatery which makes authentic Italian dishes that are not only healthy and nutritious, but leave you feeling full and comfortable (a lot of Italian dishes are made with cream and cheese= bloat central).

San Lorenzo’s opened its charming little doors late last year on busy Georges street, and has since been popular with the Dublin foodie community. I felt I needed a good excuse to visit; and so San Lorenzo’s became the location for a first date – I might as well kill two birds with one stone; and god forbid the conversation went sour at least we could talk about the delicious food. Staff were very friendly and the atmosphere was refreshing.

Usually I would dive for the wine menu, especially eating Italian, but given the circumstances I opted for a Cosmo – a strong one at that. The restaurant was comfortably full with a continuous flow of hungry and thirsty guests.

Modern Italian; NYC style

I went straight for a main course and chose a delightful pasta dish with fresh butternut-squash and broccoli teamed with roasted almonds, creamy sauce, rocket, a heavy dosing of parmesan and the most mouth-wateringly fresh pasta. For dessert we decided to share (how romantic) a sticky toffee pudding and ice cream which definitely hit my sweet tooth. The bill was just as sweet coming to just under €60 for two mains, dessert, and a healthy dose of alcohol. What’s great about San Lorenzo’ is that they’re all about good and honest grub without any frills attached. With music provided by Curtis Mayfield, the evening was relaxing, laid-back, and very tasty!

For bookings or enquiries you can visit their website at, or follow them on Twitter @SanLorenzos