BOUNDLESS X Picture This! Dublin

Thursday night seen the successful debut of the European tour of Brooklyn exhibit BOUNDLESS; a sublime mixture of Dublin’s edgy street-art culture and New York’s raw and urban beauty.

FullSizeRender (3)

Boundless brings together thirty artists – fifteen of our own home-grown, and fifteen transatlantic – for a collaboration of unique cultures. Each of the artists were presented with a New-York style water tower onto which they imprint their own mark. The finished products where then sent to us to re-assemble and display at Fashion Fair on Dublin’s Drury street. Each custom piece is also available to buy.


boundless 5

The New York theme was very much incorporated throughout the night with graffiti covered walls, raw décor, and even a hip hop performance. some of the guests on the night included Nirina Plunkett of Killer Fashion, Lorna Duffy of Fashion Boss, Fiona Murphy of Cool Events, Ryan O’Neill of Dub City Sneakz AJ of AJ Makeup, Kelly Donegan, Darragh Doyle, and Sean Early.

BoundlessNirina boundlessRyan boundlessBoundless 6

The project is brought to you by American natives David and Terence, who met while at college and who both shared a passion for street culture. Why water towers? The water supply is controlled and rainwater is collected by huge wooden water towers that are dotted along the roof-tops of the city. Water towers have now become as iconic to New York as its impressive skyline.

The free exhibition runs until Saturday July 4th in Fashion Fair on Drury Street, and is open daily from 12 – 6. Huge congratulations to Timi, his Picture This! Dublin team, and all the artists and sponsors of the successful event.

American artists included:

Albert Joseph

Andre Trenier


Byron McCray

Charlie Elo

James Polanco

Jorge Matarrita


Kenny Hardwork

Klash Won

Kristy McCarthy



Ralph Serrano

Spaze Crafte

While our own included:



Aidan Kelly



Frank O’Dea



Kevin Bohan





Sums One

Will St Leger



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