Bionic Woman X

Today I am featured on talking about body confidence. According to latest reports, up to 40% of us have problems accepting the way we look. We strive for an unrealistic and ‘perfect’ image of what the human body ought to look like. Thanks to the overwhelming sea of social media that keeps us afloat, we push our bodies to the limit to achieve these impossible body goals that are both impractical and undesirable. We want the tiniest waist, the smallest nose, and the peachiest bum: but how about giving your own unique body the love and care it deserves?

(to watch the video click HERE)

People often tell me how confident I am in myself, but beneath my courageous front was once a timid and anxious girl. I thought I was ugly. Since my teens I have struggled to accept the body that I was unfavourably given. I remember getting my body cast after my first operation -a Plaster-Paris cast that went around my entire torso- and walking down the street with my mam feeling like a monster. Everyone else was wearing the latest crop-tops while I had to buy t-shirts that were three sizes too big to cover my hideous cast. Holidays were a nightmare, especially at the beach or by the pool: if children weren’t staring and pointing, then their parents were.

Shopping was a disaster – I hated dressing-rooms because of the mirrors and lights. Clothes never fitted me correctly, and I didn’t want to see how deformed I was from the back, and I often left feeling totally depressed about it.

Because of the health challenges I have faced (and continue to face), and all the times that my body has had to go through recovery, I’ve learned to love my twisted little body. And now I wear my scars with pride because they not only tell a story, but they show how brave I’ve been the past ten years.




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